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Auditee Q1 2024 Release

Automate your security compliance. Get compliant fast.

Automated compliance and trust management software, helping organisations, just like yours, simplify achieving security standards for ISO 27001, SOC 2, GDPR & Cyber Essentials.

We support industry standard security frameworks

ISO 27001SOC 2GDPRPCI DSSCyber Essentials
Get Compliant, Fast

Ensure your whole business is compliant

Automate the management of all your people, vendors and assets across the whole of your organisation. Security risk is a spectrum. Let Auditee take care of all the boring stuff.

Reduce Risks

Reduce risks as your organisation grows

Understand your security compliance right now. Mitigate people, vendor and asset risks with real-time tracking and monitoring.

Build Trust

Build trust with all your customers

Gain trust quicker with prospects and demonstrate your security posture by showing off your compliance to the world, with confidence.

Win Deals

Win more deals, faster

Accelerate every sales cycle and complete questionnaires in 10% of the time. Turn security and trust into your competitive advantage.

Automatic Evidence Collection

Security compliant in weeks, not months

Auditee provides you and your team with a constant understanding of your security compliance right now, and actionable insights for you to remedy.

Automated tests

Get audit-ready blazingly fast with automated evidence collection.

Real-time notifications

Constant compliance monitoring with actionable insights and alerts.

Third-party integrations

Connect your infrastructure to Auditee and leverage tools you already use.

Pre-built policies

Save time & guesswork with pre-built policies. Quickly build compliant docs.

Readiness reports

Review progress and run reports to understand gaps in security posture.

Self-updating policies

If laws change, then your tailored policies will auto-update.

World Class Support

Helping get you compliant, with no fuss

Whether you are performing your first audit or renewing, our team are here to guide you through, from onboarding all the way to a successful audit.

Audit partner network

We help match you with one of our trusted and pre-vetted audit partners, streamlining the audit process.

Expert support

Our security and compliance experts are here for you the whole way, from start to successful audit.

Onboarding plans

Step by step onboarding onto new security frameworks for your organisations requirements.

Guides and learning resources

Learn at your own pace with self-service guides and documentation. Stay up to date with best practices.