Privacy Policy

Last updated: 12th January 2024


Auditee Ltd (”We”; ”Us”; “Our”) is committed to protecting and respecting the data you share with us. This privacy policy explains how Auditee processes information that can be used to directly or indirectly identify an individual (henceforth denoted ”Personal Data”) collected through the use of its website and interactions. Auditee Ltd (Company Registration 15186841) has its registered address at 20 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU, United Kingdom and is data controller for the data that we collect concerning you and we ensure that your Personal Data is processed in accordance with the legislation. For the purposes of this policy, Auditee defines the term ”Respondent” as any individual who responds to Our demonstration, trial or sign-up -forms that are powered by Auditee or any individual who is included as a contact within a User’s account and the term ”Visitor” as an individual that visits Our front-end website (for example you wish to contact us regarding our processing of personal data, you can do that by email on:

Processing of personal data

Personal Data is every kind of information which in some way can be assigned to you.To become our customer, it is necessary for us to collect the following Personal Data about you: Name, title, phone number and email. This information is collected on the basis of the following legal basis: Fulfilment of a contract.As a supplier and business partner the following Personal Data is collected: Name, phone number and email. This information is collected on the basis of the following legal basis: Fulfilment of a contract.If you do not want us to process this information, it may be problematic to maintain and meet any agreements that have been entered.As a Respondent it is in some cases necessary for us, to collect the following Personal Data about you: Name, title, phone number and email. This information is collected on the basis of the following legal basis: Consent.When you make use of our website as a Visitor we collect and process different kinds of kind of information. This happens for instance by ordinary access to content, if you sign up for our newsletter, take part in contests, studies, or webinars, register as a user or a subscriber, additional use of services or purchases through the website.Normally we collect and process the following type of data: a unique ID and technical information about your computer, tablet or mobile phone, your IP-address, geographical location, as well as which pages you click (interests). To the extent that you give your consent to and enter Personal Data yourself we furthermore process: name, phone number, email and title. Typically, this would be in connection with login creation or a form sign up to a demo or trial of the Auditee product.This information is collected based on your consent.If you apply for a job at Auditee whether solicited or unsolicited and are an “Applicant” or “Candidate” we will usually collect Personal Data such as: Name, phone number, email, CV and potential a case or a test. This information is collected on the basis of the following legal basis: Consent.

Respondents (Users of Forms)

Respondents should be aware that by responding to both demo request, content download, webinar and newsletter forms on (but not restricted to) Our website, Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn advertisements, they could be disclosing information that can make them personally identifiable to Auditee employees. Respondents should be aware that they alone are responsible for the content of their responses.

Recruitment policy

When receiving a job application or engaging with a potential Candidate and relevant appendices, the materiel will be read by the relevant manager with the purpose of answering and assessing the content in relation to a defined job.Job applications and CV’s are shared internally with relevant persons in the recruitment process and will not be disclosed to anyone outside the company.Job applications and CV’s are saved for up to 12 months - then it will automatically be deleted.For unsolicited applications that are deemed relevant to save, the application and CV will be saved for a maximum of 12 months after which it will be deleted.If the application and CV are saved for more than 12 months, special consent of the Candidate or Applicant is obtained.


We have taken the necessary technical and organisational measures to prevent that your data accidentally or illegally gets deleted, released, lost, impaired or gets to the knowledge of any unauthorised persons, abused or in any way processed against the legislation.


Personal Data about Customers is collected for the following purposes:
  • Processing your purchase and supply our services
  • Administration of your relation with us
Personal Data about Respondents or Visitors is collected for the following purposes:
  • Processing your request of content or supply our services
  • Market our services to you
  • Administration of your relation with us
Personal Data about Suppliers and business partners is collected for the following purposes:
  • Processing purchases/services
  • Administration of your relation with us
Personal Data about Applicants and Candidates is collected for the following purposes:
  • Running the recruitment process and potentially offer you a job at Auditee
  • Administration of your relation with us
The data collected on our website is used to identify you as a user and show you the ads which will most likely be relevant to you, to register your purchases and payments, as well as to provide you with the services you have requested, for example to send you our newsletter. In addition to this we use your data to optimise our service and content.

Data minimisation

We only collect, process and store the Personal Data necessary to fulfil our purpose. Furthermore, it may be determined by law, what type of data it is necessary to collect and store in connection with our business practices. The type and the extent of the Personal Data we process can be determined by the need to comply with a contract or any other legal obligation.

Data is updated

Since our service depends on the fact that your data is correct and up to date, we ask you to inform us about relevant changes in your personal data. You can make use of the contact information provided above to inform us about your changes, then we will make sure to update your data. If we notice that any data is incorrect, we will update the data and inform you about this.

Storage period

The data is stored in the time span which is allowed according to the legislation, and we will delete it when it is no longer necessary. The time span depends on the data’s character and the basis for the storage. Information about customers is deleted 5 years after the customer relationship ends. Information about suppliers is deleted when the warranty on purchased products has expired. Retention periods on cookies are listed in the cookies section below.Auditee will not retain data longer than necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected or as required by applicable laws or regulations. For a Respondent’s data, Auditee’s employees have control of the purpose of collecting that data, and the duration which the Personal Data may be kept.When We have no ongoing legitimate business need to process your Personal Data, We will either delete or anonymise it, or, if this is not possible, then We will securely store your Personal Data and isolate it from any further processing until deletion is possible.


Your consent to receiving our newsletter and invites to webinars, contests or cookies is voluntary, and you can withdraw it by contacting us at any time. Use the contact information above, if you want further information.

Passing on data

We use a number of third parties for storage and processing of data, including IT suppliers. They only process data on our behalf and may not use it for their own purposes.We only make use of data processors in EU or in safe third countries, including companies in countries which can protect your data properly. As data processors in countries outside of EU we make use of Google (for data collected through Cookies) and Facebook (data from our Facebook page).Data concerning your website use, which ads you receive and click, your geographical location, gender and age segment et cetera, is passed on to third party to that extent that the data is known. You can find out the third parties we are dealing with in the section “Use of cookies” below. The data is used to focus the advertising.

Auditee’s data protection officer

Auditee has a “Data Protection Officer”, who is responsible for matters relating to privacy and data protection. This Data Protection Officer can be reached at the following address:

Auditee Ltd

Attn. Data Protection Officer 20 Wenlock Rd, London, N1 7GU United Kingdom